5 Things You Thought Were Safe to Flush Down the Toilet But Aren't

Nearly everyone knows that you should never flush cigarette butts, plastic wrappers or cotton swabs down the toilet. But you may be surprised to learn that some items you thought were perfectly safe to flush down the toilet can actually cause toilet clogs or pose a threat to the environment. Think twice before you flush the following five items down the toilet. 1 Old Medications Although flushing old or expired medications down the toilet was once a common practice promoted by medical professionals as well as the media, scientists now know that it isn't a good practice.

4 Ways To Increase Your Vacation Cabin's Energy Efficiency

Looking for ways to make your vacation cabin more energy efficient and comfortable to spend time in? Here are four effective options to consider: Invest in a Solar Kit Nowadays you can purchase complete solar kits that come with everything you need to power your cabin — all you have to do is put the kit together as intended and install it. Installing a solar kit as opposed to buying one that has to be installed by the company on-site can save you a lot of money on your initial investment while providing you with the same quality power source.

5 Things You Need for a Successful DIY Landscaping Project

Planning and executing a do-it-yourself landscaping project is an excellent way to improve curb appeal and increase your overall property value. Getting out there to sweat in the yard also is an effective way to stay healthy, decrease your stress levels, and even boost your confidence. Here are five things you'll need to help ensure that your venture into landscaping is convenient and successful. A Dumpster One of the most important things you need when completing a do-it-yourself landscaping project is a dumpster.