4 Reasons To Rent An Airboat On Family Vacation

Renting an airboat, whether it's one you drive yourself or one that comes with a captain and a tour guide, is a fun addition to any vacation that takes place in a warm destination near water. Renting an airboat simply makes for a more memorable and fun vacation. Here are six great reasons to rent an airboat on your next family vacation:

See Nature Up Close and Personal

Taking a ride in an airboat allows you to experience nature and see local wildlife in an up close, intimate way. Depending on where your airboat tour takes place, you may see alligators and crocodiles (airboats are very popular in marshes and swamps where these creatures congregate), a variety of birds and fish, and even dolphins. An airboat tour can be educational for kids and adults alike, allowing you to gain a better understanding of the wildlife in the area you are visiting.

You Can Take Advantage of Various Options

Airboat rentals tend to be flexible and come with customizable options, making this a flexible part of your vacation itinerary. You can rent different styles of airboats depending on the size of your group, ensuring that everyone has a comfortable seat. Some airboat rentals are "drive yourself," meaning you are allowed to drive your own airboat after receiving brief instructions and a demonstration. If you're not comfortable with that choice, your airboat rental can come with a captain as well as a guide to point out interesting wildlife features encountered during your trip.

You Airboat Can Go Where Motor Boats Can't

Because of their uniquely quiet and aerodynamic design, airboats can access places that motorboats can't. For example, instead of just viewing swamps or everglades from the shore, an airboat can take you right into the heart of the landscape, among back channels and less traveled areas.

You Can Combine Your Boat Tour with Outdoor Activities

Another reason an airboat rental makes a great addition to a family vacation is that it's easy to combine an airboat rental with other outdoor activities and sports. For example, many people combine airboat tours with fishing, and some locations combine airboat rides with snorkeling.

Renting an airboat is a fun way to spend an afternoon in the sunshine on the water with your family. By renting an airboat from a place like SPECIALIZED ENVIRO on your next vacation, you and your family will be able to enjoy these benefits and create lasting memories.